Joint Capabilities


The Joint Capabilities Programme Management Centre (JCPMC) sets the direction for joint ICT infrastructure and capabilities across the Home Team Departments (HTDs). It ensures that joint capabilities are developed and delivered in a coherent and consistent manner, with due consideration for security, infrastructure and integration. This enables the Home Team to achieve better synergy and interoperability in both operations and technology.

Areas of Expertise and Highlights

JCPMC’s work in our various expertise reflects the collaboration and foresight required to bring multi-faceted projects to fruition. The centre is committed to bringing the latest technology to the frontlines with the aim of growing Home Team capabilities eXponentially.

  • Operations Infrastructure
    Builds enterprise operational infrastructure and platforms, such as data centres, hosting platforms and data lakes, which all HTDs can leverage.

    Current Initiative: Onboarding cloud technology that allows seamless integration between real-time data and enterprise applications, empowering frontline officers with critical and timely information. This enables data-driven operations and the HTDs to develop a common situational picture in joint missions.

  • Cybersecurity Technology Stack
    Develops and implements cybersecurity technology stacks that can be used widely across HTDs. Facilitates a common cybersecurity infrastructure to reinforce cybersecurity defence and protection.

    Current Initiative: Developing the enterprise end-point protection for these infrastructures, ensuring the integrity of our enterprise systems.

  • Communications
    Delivers mission-critical communication solutions to support voice, data, video and systems applications for the whole of the Home Team, especially in times of emergency.

    Current Initiative: Looking to onboard the new 5G technology to improve end-point performance, ushering a new era of communication networks.

  • Enterprise Systems
    Develops and implements enterprise platforms and applications for the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA). These in-house platforms and applications provide an agile solution to integrating complex organisational processes and supports activities across the Home Team.

    Current Initiative: Working on enterprise applications such as the MHA-wide operations training and simulation systems, boosting the confidence of officers in responding to real-life scenarios.

  • Sense-Making and Surveillance
    Develops an extensive network of video sensors with video analytics capabilities to enhance and support HTDs in their detection, tracking and sense-making capabilities.

    Current Initiative: Involved in the implementation of Police Cameras (PolCam), which have been pivotal in helping the Police to deter and solve crimes, such as unlicensed moneylending, theft and outrage of modesty.

  • Data Operation Management & Analytics (DOTA)
    Provides the tools, processes and structures to support the end-to-end data needs of the Home Team. The DOTA team manages data storage and sources, and maintains data exchange gateways, delivering tools that enable HTDs to leverage analytics.

    Current Initiative: Developing new business analytics applications such as the MHA Business Analytics Hub, which aims to bring enterprise insights to the HTDs that can help make their processes more efficient.