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[FEATURED NEWS] Celebrating Xponents’ achievements at the HTX Promotion and Awards Ceremony 2022

The inaugural ceremony recognised the outstanding work and dedication of 237 promoted officers and the recipients of 50 HTX Awards.

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Many of HTX’s achievements today would not have been possible without Xponents’ commitment, strong sense of mission, and pushing the boundaries of science and tech through innovation, said Chan Tsan, CE of HTX, at the inaugural HTX Promotion and Awards Ceremony 2022 held on May 26.

“HTX plays a key role in Singapore’s homeland security ecosystem… and can help build a safer tomorrow for Singapore,” CE said. “Xponents are the key to what we can achieve.”

The ceremony celebrated the achievements of 237 promoted officers and recipients of 50 HTX Awards – HTX’s very own organisational award to recognise outstanding individuals and teams who have demonstrated the HTX values of mission-centricity, teamwork, empathy, innovation, foresight, and exuberance in their day-to-day work.

Watch a video featuring some of our Xponents and the values they exhibited in pursuit of their success!