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Bethany & Suriya

Congratulations to HTX’s newest recipients of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship 2021!

This year, we have four PSC scholars who will join HTX after completing their studies. In this article, we will be introducing two of them, Bethany Chong and RK Suriya Varshan.

Bethany Chong, 19, Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Materials EngineeringRK Suriya Varshan, 23, Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Engineering Product Development


Bethany – Discovering Truth

Bethany has two passions: Materials Engineering and Crime and Security. HTX was the merger of both, and was a match made in heaven for her.

“It was my JC teacher who introduced HTX to me because he knew that I was always interested in the area of Crime and Security, and also in the area of Science and Tech. So HTX being the Science and Tech arm for the Home Team was quite well aligned to my interests,” said Bethany.

She explained that her passion in Crime and Security was sparked by watching a lot of forensic and crime dramas when she was younger and from hearing stories from a forensic scientist who is a family friend.

Women of SRI
“The Women of S.R.I.”, a Japanese forensic drama that is a favourite of Bethany’s. (Photo credit: Bethany Chong)

“I like to discover truth, and I like to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves,” said Bethany.

As for her interest in Materials Engineering, it started from a JC project where she investigated microplastics and its impact on the environment.

“I want to learn more about materials and leverage my understanding of them so that we can reap the benefits of new materials while minimising the possible negative impacts they might bring,” she said. 

With the PSC scholarship, Bethany would be studying Materials Engineering in NTU, which is ranked 1st globally for Materials Science in 2021.

After being introduced to HTX’s projects, Bethany knew that HTX was the right choice for her.

“It’s extremely exciting to see how the projects I work on can be applied to safeguard the internal security of Singapore – something that’s very close to home. The great relevance of the projects in HTX is very thrilling for me and I think that it’s something that would keep me motivated as well.”

Bethany has a wide range of interests, but when she isn’t watching her favourite crime dramas, she likes to dance contemporary, which helps her relax and sweat out her stress.

Bethany dance
Bethany (top row, second from left) performed with her JC dance crew during the Labour Day Istana Open House. (Photo credit: Bethany Chong)


Suriya – Coming Home

Suriya is no stranger to the Robotics, Automation & Unmanned Systems Centre of Expertise (RAUS CoE). Having extended his internship at RAUS to a total of 9 months, he is practically part of the family.

Speaking of RAUS, Suriya said that Director Cheng Wee Kiang and Senior Assistant Director Dr Daniel Teo were among those who gave him academic advice and spurred him to apply for the scholarship.

“I’m really thankful to the RAUS team. They guided me along the way and gave me inputs on where to further my studies. It gave me a better thinking process on what I really wanted to do during my university days,” he said.

With the scholarship, Suriya will be going to SUTD, where he plans to study Engineering Product Development and join their robotics societies to deepen his expertise in the field.

Apart from studying and robots, Suriya also volunteers at Woodlands Youth Network. As a member, he had distributed hand sanitisers, helped beneficiaries with COVID-19 support grant applications, conducted workshops to teach tech to the elderly, and did ad-hoc spring cleaning for residents in the community.

Suriya also likes to spend his free time cycling and running. He joined the RAUS team for HTX’s 10k Steps event in April 2021.

Suriya and RAUS
Suriya (middle) and the RAUS team outside HTX during the 10k Steps event. (Photo credit: RK Suriya Varshan)

One thing’s for sure, Suriya can’t wait to come back to HTX to create more tech solutions to help Singaporeans.

“I’m really excited. I’m looking forward to learning more from them when I get back, because what I learn from University still might not be enough to catch up with the team! They are really incredible, and I can’t wait to come back to the team.”

Curious to see what Suriya did during his internship? Click here to read more!

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