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Wen Hui & Caleb

Congratulations to HTX’s newest recipients of the Public Service Commission (PSC) Scholarship 2021! 

This year, we have four PSC scholars who will join HTX after completing their studies. We will first introduce two of them, Leng Wen Hui and Caleb Liow, in this article.

Read on to find out more about them!

Leng Wen Hui, 19, Carnegie Mellon University, Electrical and Computer EngineeringCaleb Liow, 19, applying to universities in the U.S.A. to study Biomedical Engineering
Wen Hui
Caleb Liow


Wen Hui – Directly Impacting Lives

Wen Hui’s four-month internship at HTX’s Robotics, Automation and Unmanned Systems Centre of Expertise (RAUS CoE) might be her first formal internship, but it left a deep impact on her. It was her fulfilling experience that led her to choose HTX as she applied for the PSC scholarship.

“Overall, I’d say my internship experience at HTX was what further confirmed my choice! I’m thankful for my internship experience with HTX – RAUS Director Wee Kiang and my mentor Dr Daniel for giving me the opportunity to be part of the team! Through site visits and conversations with colleagues, I gained further insights into what goes on behind the projects at RAUS while TechXplore gave me the platform to engage with other CoEs. I see that HTX has a lot of potential with future developments, so I wanted to be part of this team!”

She added that HTX’s purpose of developing science and tech for the day-to-day operations of the Home Team Departments to keep our society safe and secure was especially meaningful to her.

“This on-the-ground connection and being able to directly impact the lives of individuals is what draws me to HTX,” she said.

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With the scholarship, Wen Hui will be going to Carnegie Mellon University to study Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), a university that has a robotics institute, to further her expertise in robotics. She also hopes that Carnegie Mellon’s interdisciplinary curriculum would complement her technical engineering knowledge with an artistic perspective.

When Wen Hui isn’t wracking her brains trying to solve a solution with robotics, she enjoys trying out new baking recipes, exploring hiking trails, and pencil sketching.

Wen Hui cookies and pie
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies and Apple Pie baked by Wen Hui. (Photo credit: Leng Wen Hui)


Caleb – Culture Vulture

For Caleb, who had graduated from Hwa Chong Institution, talking to the engineers in HTX convinced him that this was the choice agency for him.

During his time at Hwa Chong, Caleb enjoyed the culture of intersectional creation and experimentation as he embarked on Science and Technology research and activities.

So, naturally, he found himself drawn to the culture of innovation and collaboration at HTX, described to him by engineers from Human Factors and Simulation, CBRNE, and RAUS CoEs.

“What I found really interesting was that the CoEs would do ‘Horizon Scanning’, which was to look for rising technology and meet different private partners and SMEs to discover potential applications for the Home Team,” said Caleb.

Additionally, the different CoEs would also share knowledge and expertise between themselves, added Caleb. He gave the example of how an unmanned aerial vehicle created by RAUS CoE could incorporate sensors developed by Sense-making and Surveillance CoE.

“This opportunity to collaborate with industry partners and across CoEs was what drew me to HTX,” he said.

Having finished his first year in National Service, Caleb is starting to apply to universities in the United States to further his studies in Biomedical Engineering. He’s hoping to land a place in Stanford University, Duke University or John Hopkins University, which all have a strong reputation in Biomedical Engineering.

“Going overseas allows me to gain deeper technical knowledge in Biomedical Engineering while enabling me to broaden my horizons. That would allow me to contribute more meaningful perspectives to the team in HTX,” said Caleb.

When Caleb is not busy researching biology and immunology, he likes to level up his photography skills by venturing into different environments for inspiration.

Caleb Liow 2
Caleb and his camera. (Photo credit: Caleb Liow)

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