On the Road to Greater Things

It is not every day that one gets to be among the pioneer cohorts in a new organisation and to grow with it.

So when this opportunity arises, Janika Oh Ja-Min, 19, recipient of the Public Service Commission (Engineering) Scholarship, knows she should seize it. She will complete her studies in a few years’ time and after that, join HTX as its latest crop of engineers.

janika 1

(Photo: Janika Oh)

Janika was convinced by the agency’s agility in applying technology, as she hopes to see her work materialise and deliver tangible change to society. “I had the chance to talk to a few engineers at HTX, and they said that the turnaround time for projects is really fast. The pace sounds exciting! I am looking forward to contribute to the impactful projects that HTX does to keep our country safe.”

Janika is currently studying Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Janika’s interest in science and technology started at an early age. At Raffles Girls’ School, she was enrolled in an advanced Raffles Academy Physics programme and took up aerodynamics at the World of Science.

The latter is a one-week programme organised by DSO National Laboratories to teach defence science to interested Integrated Programme students. She subsequently interned at DSO in 2017 and 2018, when she designed a radio-controlled mini air blimp, and tested the effects of a changing centre of gravity on the direction of a projectile.

janika dso

Janika and team mates test-fly their radio-controlled air blimp at DSO in 2017 (Photos: Janika Oh)

On top of her interest in science, Janika also loves music, which she believes complements her pursuit in technology.

Music, she says, teaches discipline, communication, and a better understanding of emotions, which she believes are essential qualities in an engineer too. “I hope that through learning both disciplines, I will be more creative and open minded when solving problems, and to find more gaps that we can target.”

Upon accepting her scholarship, Janika feels an added sense of responsibility for the people of Singapore. She also hopes to see her work come to fruition and help secure the safety of Singapore. “I want to be able to go around and point out to others saying, ‘Hey, I helped designed and built that!’”