Our Expertise

Exponentially impacting Singapore's safety and security

The dramatic rise of powerful technologies is also changing how we approach, plan and integrate homeland security operations to counter the technologically-fuelled threats. 


As Singapore's Science and Technology Agency for homeland security, HTX innovates and delivers cutting edge technologies to empower the Home Team departments in their daily operations such as crime solving, border security, cyber security, public safety and first responder capabilities to accomplish our shared mission to keep Singapore safe and secure. 


To meet the Home Team’s unique requirements to operate in our complex environment, we take a holistic approach to provide end-to-end science and technology solutions to ensure that the Home Team's technologies and systems continuously operate at an optimum level of performance while keeping pace with rapid changes.


Our Capability Development Pillar is anchored in 14 Centres of Expertise that integrate a diverse range of scientific and engineering capabilities to innovate and deliver transformative solutions to meet the current and future needs for homeland security. We also partner with the science and technology community to co-develop solutions by integrating our indigenous capabilities with the capabilities of our partners.


Our Capability Sustainment Pillar provides the skills, processes and services needed to sustain dynamic and operational technologies to ensure that the Home Team is operationally-ready at all times to carry out missions for Singapore’s safety and security.