Associate Programme

The HTX Science & Technology (S&T) Associate Programme is designed for recent Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) graduates who are keen to eXponentially impact Singapore’s Safety & Security. 

Home to scientists, engineers and boundless innovation, HTX develops and delivers cutting edge technologies to empower the Home Team. Our technologies are used to save lives, secure our borders, safeguard our data and systems and enhance public safety and security. 

The capabilities we deliver can be broadly grouped into three spheres: 
Science: applied to areas such as the forensics investigation of crime scenes, study of chemical / biological / radiological / explosives threats and understanding of human physiology and psychology.
Engineering: delivering a diverse array of vehicles and systems including vehicles, robots, drones, sensors, weapon systems, buildings & infrastructure, and communications systems.
Digital: building the Home Team’s digital enablers (network systems, data analytics, apps and more), protecting our cybersecurity, and providing investigative leads through digital and information forensics.

Accelerate your career with HTX 

As part of the HTX team, you will work closely with the Home Team Departments to develop, deliver and sustain S&T capabilities to safeguard national security.

You will gain eXtraordinary personal development and growth through direct exposure to senior technical leaders and mentors. By undertaking a greenfield project of your choice, you will eXceed your comfort boundaries.

Under the guidance of experienced specialists, you will tackle challenging projects that enable you to hone your technical expertise.

As you grow alongside HTX, eXciting professional development opportunities such as training and overseas learning trips will enrich your S&T expertise. You will also help to drive organisation-wide initiatives and project committees that expose you to a broad range of issues and stakeholders within HTX and allow you to further hone your general leadership and management skills.

Upon completion of the programme, you will have the opportunity to experience a different role based on your skills, interests and the needs of the organisation.

Do you have what it takes?

• STEM disciplines/background preferred (Engineering, Computer Science, Sciences or relevant specialisations).

• Candidates who have completed internships, projects or personal achievements which reflect a passion for S&T work.

• Possess skills relevant to the S&T Domains and are technologically savvy and collaborative.

• Recent graduates, with less than three years of working experience. 

Apply Now!

Applications are now closed and will reopen from 1 July to 31 October 2023. Watch this space!

Please note that applicants will have to undergo psychometric tests and only shortlisted candidates will be invited for interviews for further evaluation.

All new appointees will be appointed on a two-year contract in the first instance.

Shortlisted candidates shall be notified within 30 days of the closing date. Please note that any application that are incomplete or have missing information will be rejected.