We harness the power of science and technology to

eXponentially impact the safety and security of Singapore 


What is our impact?


As the Home Team’s Force Multiplier, we innovate transformative solutions to augment our frontline officers in safeguarding public spaces, securing our borders and saving lives. Check out what some of these are below!


Autonomous ground patrol robots project police presence to enhance efficiency of police ground operations and can help enhance public safety with its specialised video analytics system.


New Clearance Concept (NCC) brings smoother and more secured immigration clearance experience to travellers, with the introduction of primary biometric identifiers such as iris patterns and facial features, whether travelling alone, with family or using wheelchairs.

gives our Home Team the advantage during high-risk frontline operations, such as in search and rescue missions, with its ability to traverse a variety of difficult terrains and advanced detection and monitoring capabilities.


Learn about the many other ways we are transforming homeland security through science and tech or follow us @HTXsg to keep updated on the latest developments!

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