We are Xtraordinary.

As the Home Team’s Force Multiplier, HTX (Home Team Science and Technology Agency) harnesses leading edge science and technology to amplify, augment and accelerate our Home Team’s advantage to secure Singapore’s future as the safest place on planet earth.

Jumpstart your leadership journey in Science and Technology. Be a driving force behind the development of transformative and operationally-ready solutions that empower our frontlines.

Apply for the Public Service Commission (PSC) Engineering Scholarship 

The PSC (Engineering) Scholarship – Defence and Security Cluster, is offered to students who are keen to pursue an engineering career.

By choosing HTX as your parent agency, you will be part of the Home Team’s Force Multiplier. Relish the opportunity to work at the forefront of science and technology, engineering innovative and transformative solutions to empower Singapore’s frontline.

For more information, refer to the PSC Scholarship (Engineering) Brochure here.

Apply for the MHA Merit Scholarship (S&T) 

The MHA Merit Scholarship (S&T) is for outstanding individuals with a passion for harnessing leading edge science and technology to empower our frontline to save lives, secure our borders, safeguard our data and systems and enhance public safety and security.

For more information, refer to the info kit here.


Hear From Our Scholars

2021 Scholar - Wen Hui 2021 Scholar - Suriya 2021 Scholar - Charles

Find out more about Wen Hui, Suriya, and Charles' winning spirit, and how they endeavour to put their knowledge and skills to the test to eXponentially impact Singapore's Safety and Security.