Who We Are

Who We Are

HTX is the first of its kind Science and Technology Agency in the world that brings together science and engineering capabilities across the Home Team Departments to transform the homeland security landscape and keep Singapore safe.  

We focus on such areas as biometrics, chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives threats, cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, forensics, robotics, automation and unmanned systems, and surveillance. With our people engaged in research or ground operations, HTX is well-positioned to deliver cutting edge technologies that will empower the Home Team to solve crimes, save lives, secure borders and safeguard our public spaces.

Beyond technologies and solutions, the goal of HTX is to facilitate greater co-operation and synergy across the entire homeland security ecosystem, and enable the Home Team Departments to adopt a unified approach in our common mission to secure Singapore as the safest place on planet earth.

What We Do

In this age of unprecedented and relentless disruption, the power of transformative technology is not reserved only for those who serve a greater good. Tomorrow’s threats to Singapore’s safety and security are rapidly taking shape today.

To ensure that Singapore stays ahead in this increasingly complex landscape, innovative technology is crucial to empower the Home Team to operate effectively and impact exponentially.

Our Logo

Who we are_Why we exist_logo

The stylized "X" is a starburst with a pattern of divergent rays radiating from a source signifying motion, energy and vitality. It represents the HTX community that is bonded together by the common mission to exponentially impact the safety and security of Singapore through science and technology, and be the Home Team’s force multiplier. 

The rays with the gradient colours connote “innovation in motion” as the HTX community experiments, invents and co-creates to ensure that exciting missions are accomplished. The dots attached to the end of the rays convey how ideas, like dots, connect when exceptional minds collaborate and when extraordinary thinking is applied.

The choice of blue and purple is deliberate. Blue represents trust, truth and stability, and is the colour of the Home Team. This is a constant reminder of HTX is an integral member of the Home Team. Purple represents creativity, innovation and independence—qualities essential in science and technology that propel the HTX community to keep exceeding expectations.