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HTX made its grand entrance at the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2024 with the HTXpress–a game room on wheels!

On 6th March 2024, amidst the vibrant atmosphere of the Singapore Science & Engineering Fair (SSEF) Public Day, HTX made its grand entrance with the HTXpress–a game room on wheels. Within its walls, students put their problem-solving skills to the test by decrypting secret codes and solving challenging QR code puzzles. Near the HTXpress, students flocked to HTX’s career booth to enquire about scholarships and interact with the beloved robo-dog, Spirit-40.

Hosted in collaboration with the Ministry of Education (MOE), Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), and the Science Centre Singapore (SCS), SSEF serves as a platform where budding scientists and engineers, aged 15 to 19, showcase their talents for a shot at representing Singapore on the global stage at the prestigious International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF).

For those who missed HTX at SSEF, fret not! Here's a sneak peek into the exciting events of the day!


jpeg-optimizer_Vivian stamping clean-minAt SSEF, students were armed with learning passports brimming with exciting activities, like a challenging crossword puzzle. To aid them on their quest of solving the crossword puzzle, students gained clues after finishing the games within the HTXpress. As a reward for their efforts, students would receive a stamp on their passports, which could then be traded in for loads of exciting goodies! (Photo: HTX)

SSEF pic 1-min-minAfter hunting high and low for clues, our Xponents nudge the students in the right direction. (Photo: HTX)

Decrypt message-min-minStudents channelling their inner sleuths to decipher a hidden message. (Photo: HTX)

Innovative students piecing together QR code-min-minJoining forces to crack the QR code and uncover its secrets. (Photo: HTX)

SSEF pic 3-minAfter finally piecing together the QR code, students unlocked the gateway to yet another mind-boggling game! (Photo: HTX)

Jasmine and kids-min-min“Why do you guys have a robot dog? What does he do?”

“Spirit-40 is a mini version of Rover-X! Before we send Rover-X on missions, we test the code on Spirit-40 to ensure that it works." (Photo: HTX)

jpeg-optimizer_Yong wei teaching student-minHow do you walk a robot dog? At HTX, robot-dogs like Spirit-40 can be “walked” using controllers similar to video game controllers. Simply move the joystick to get Spirit-40 moving in a certain direction! (Photo: HTX)

jpeg-optimizer_Students using spirit 40 controller-minEver wanted to take a robo-dog for a walk? At SSEF, students got the chance to do exactly that by taking Spirit-40 on a walk. (Photo: HTX)

Sumedha talk edited-minWhat exactly is DevOps? Our Xponent Sumedha Gn, a Cloud engineer from xCloud Enterprise Group,gives a brief overview of what DevOps actually entails. (Photo: HTX)

Jeff edited-min-minSumedha brings the students through a gamified experience to understand DevOps. Here, Jeff and his cat are on a mission to protect the digital realm from dangerous threats. Of course, before fighting the terrifying threats head on, Jeff must prepare himself for the battle ahead. This leads him through the “Complexity Catacombs”, a dark labyrinth of tunnels that house important “power-ups”. (Photo: HTX)

managing complexity edited-min-minThe “power-ups” in this realm come in the form of adorable creatures! “Documentation” is like the Map from Dora the Explorer, guiding Jeff to the right location and letting him know exactly what he’s dealing with. Meanwhile, CI/CD pipelines act as another “life” source and help Jeff deploy the code he needs. The tech stack serves as an inventory of weapons, giving Jeff access to different programming languages to defeat his foes. (Photo: HTX)

Sumedha security compliance-minWith his handy tools, Jeff pushes through the catacombs and makes it to the stronghold—the home of evil monsters. One of these terrifying foes is the “security risk monster”, a creature that threatens to annihilate the whole digital realm by breaching its defences. Fortunately, Jeff is able to fortify the realm’s defences by creating a wall of fire (i.e. a firewall) to prevent the “security risk monster” from attacking. Jeff then quickly vanquishes the monsters by using on-demand deployment processes, which allow him to rapidly acquire and scale his resources as needed. (Photo: HTX)

jpeg-optimizer_Sumedha audience orig-min“Is your work hard?”

“Yeah, it can be challenging at times because the work I do isn’t predictable and unexpected errors can sometimes pop up. But I enjoy these challenges because they let me think of new ways to solve problems. It also makes my day really exciting, because I never know what new challenges I get to solve!” (Photo: HTX)

Dive into more exciting challenges and unlock your potential with a HTX scholarship. Read more about what it means to be a HTX scholar here. Applications are open until 15th March 2024.