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[FEATURED NEWS] Strengthening HTX’s global network at CES 2024 and Silicon Valley

An HTX delegation was in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas in January to visit key technology and innovation partners.

CES 2024-1-min
Welcome to CES 2024! CE Chan Tsan (middle), Hatch Centre Director Mok Shao Hong (second from left), with members of the HTX delegation. (Photo: HTX)

An HTX delegation, led by Chief Executive Chan Tsan, and made up of engineers from HTX and its innovation centre Hatch, was in Silicon Valley and Las Vegas in January to visit key technology and innovation partners, and to gain deeper access to US-based startups.

Las Vegas: CES 2024

At Las Vegas (touted by some as the next Silicon Valley), the delegation attended CES 2024 – an international exhibition of cutting-edge technology – to meet innovators and discover their latest products.

CES 2024-2-minUS Customs and Border Protection (CBP) presented their latest checkpoint innovations to the delegation. (Photo: HTX)

There, they reconnected with the US Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology directorate (DHS-S&T) and renewed ties.

CES 2024-3-min

CES 2024-4-min
Good to see you again! CE Chan Tsan and DHS Under Secretary for Science and Technology Dr. Dimitri Kusnezov previously met during the latter’s March 2023 visit to HTX. (Photos: HTX)

The officers from Hatch also took part in a panel discussion at DHS-S&T’s booth.

CES 2024-5-minHatch Centre Director Mok Shao Hong and Ms Alice Hu from the CBP Innovation Team participated in a panel discussion moderated by Ms Melissa Oh, the Managing Director of DHS-S&T’s Silicon Valley Innovation Programme. (Photo: HTX)

The HTX delegation visited several booths from global tech firms, including two from Singaporean startups.

CES 2024-6-min
CE Chan Tsan testing VR gear from Singapore’s Microtube Technologies, which develops immersive reality wearables. (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-7-min
Singapore’s Gyrogear develops technologies to help patients with Parkinson’s disease. CE Chan Tsan is trying their glove designed to stabilise hand movements. (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-8-min
A pair of two-wheeled self-balancing robots from Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (HKSTP). (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-9-min
South Korea’s Hudson AI uses generative AI to provide multilingual translations, dubbing, and lip synching for videos. (Photo: HTX)

Silicon Valley

In Silicon Valley, the delegation was given a tour of DHS-S&T’s Silicon Valley Innovation Programme, which included an illuminating visit to SRI International – formerly known as the Stanford Research Institute – the birthplace of ARPANET (the precursor to the internet), the first computer mouse, and Apple’s AI personal assistant Siri!

CES 2024-10-min
Dr. Ulf Lindqvist, Senior Technical Director, SRI International (right), briefed CE Chan Tsan on SRI’s rich history of groundbreaking technological innovations. (Photo: HTX)

They also packed in in-person engagements with Google, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley’s vibrant startup ecosystem.

CES 2024-11-minThe delegation at Google’s Sunnyvale Campus with Mr Pablo Beramendi, Google’s Director of Startups and AI (right). (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-12-min
The delegation with key members of Microsoft at their Mountain View Campus. (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-13-minThe delegation at the Plug and Play Tech Centre, a major startup and innovation centre in Silicon Valley. (Photo: HTX)

CES 2024-14-min
Hatch Centre Director Mok Shao Hong introducing Hatch’s programmes at a networking event for startups hosted by HTX in conjunction with BLOCK71 Silicon Valley. (Photo: HTX)

The trip to Las Vegas and the Silicon Valley was vitally important for Hatch to expand its startup network in the US. Since its launch last year, Hatch’s programmes have attracted over 170 startup applicants from 11 countries, with 11 ongoing collaborations between startups and HTX and the Home Team Departments.