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[FEATURED NEWS] What’s next in the future of Generative AI?

HTX’s Director of xData discussed the future of Generative AI at IBM’s Think Singapore conference.

Gen AI 2_compressedShirley Chow replying to questions from the audience. (Photo: HTX)

What’s next in the future of Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI)? HTX’s Director of xData, Shirley Chow, discussed this question at a panel discussion at IBM’s Think Singapore conference on Thursday, 14 September 2023.

During her presentation, Shirley shared that xData is responsible for building data and AI products that transform the entire Home Team. In the three years since the inception of HTX, Xponents have force multiplied the capabilities of the Home Team with technologies such as robotics, drones, data science, and AI. She highlighted the use of AI to optimise Home Team resources and reduce response times. AI can also be found in major Home Team projects such as ICA’s New Clearance Concept, which will allow travellers to go through immigration checkpoints while AI systems verify their identities.

Within HTX, the different Centres of Expertise have been leveraging the power of AI to build their capabilities. At xData, data scientists and engineers have developed in-house Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, including question-and-answer systems that allow users to query standard operating procedures or help users analyse voluminous survey results, as well as an automated speech recognition system that can understand Singapore’s multilingual colloquialisms. There is also a dedicated team of Xponents who are benchmarking the available AI models as different models are suited for different types of tasks or projects. This constant monitoring will keep HTX well abreast of the current state of the AI field.