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[FEATURED NEWS] HTX receives OpenGov Asia Award for launch of digital driving licence


HTX has been awarded the OpenGov Asia Recognition of Excellence Award for the launch of Singapore’s Digital Driving Licence (Digital DL). The award recognises the HTX team’s foresight and innovativeness in driving the digitisation of the Digital DL.

“The Digital Driving Licence is part of the Ministry of Home Affairs’ digitalisation push and is one of the many initiatives that we are working on at HTX to exponentially force multiply the Home Team,” said Bernard Phang, Director of HTX’s Policing Programme Management Centre (PPMC). “We’re very happy to work with SPF on its rollout.”

The award ceremony took place on May 20 as part of the 7th Annual Singapore OpenGov Leadership Forum organised by OpenGov Asia.

OpenGov-2(From left to right) Bernard Phang, Director of HTX’s PPMC, receiving the award from Mohit Sagar, Managing Director of OpenGov Asia, at the award ceremony (Photo: OpenGov Asia)

When the usage of the Singpass mobile app hit an all-time high during the COVID-19 pandemic in Singapore, the need for virtual yet legitimate, identification documents came to the forefront. HTX recognised this and pushed for the digitisation of the driving licence. The Digital DL was launched on March 7 by HTX and the Singapore Police Force (SPF), in collaboration with the Government Technology Agency (GovTech). 

Residing within the Singpass app, the Digital DL serves as an alternative official identification document for motorists in Singapore. The Digital DL enables Singapore’s Traffic Police to carry out their duties more efficiently and provides motorists with a convenient, secure, and most up-to-date way of verifying their driving licence information.

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