[FEATURED NEWS] In celebration of Team CBRNE and their achievements...

The month of April 2021 has proven to be both a momentous and evocative month for our team at CBRNE for two reasons.

CBRNE first scored a two-page write-up in CBRNe World's April issue, and second of all, a recognition by Immediate Past Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong for its contributions in the fight against Covid-19 testing.

CBRNe WORLD (April 2021 Issue)

As a young agency with a new team that has been put together for less than 18 months, this two-page write-up in the April 2021 issue puts us firmly on the world stage.

CBRNe World, as we know, is the world’s leading title for all things CBRNE, bringing together the civil society, military leaders, academia, government agencies, research, industry and more.

In it, we had shared what motivates us in what we do, our plans, focus, and the way HTX Centres of Expertise come together and collaborate, as illustrated vividly by our Covid support efforts.

crbne-team covidops

Live Covid-19 Ops (Photo: Zan Xin, CBRNE Associate)

It is indeed a proud moment of reckoning as it marks Singapore and HTX as experts in the field and its contributions to the domain.

Noteworthy at the close of the article, Director May Ong had further made a callout to build on the opportunity to educate and outreach, for global states and institutes to cooperate on the peaceful use of science, considering our environment today. She had separately explained that through demystifying and information sharing, it instills interest in our youths early and creates an understanding of ways to contribute to the world as a scientist.

As Director May Ong says it: “It is one bucket list item achieved!”

To May and the CBRNE team, we say: “Well done! You need to aim way higher now!”


This year, April 18 to 24, was marked as the Global Medical Laboratory Professionals Week.

In celebration of it, the HTX CBRNE Team was recognized by the Immediate Past Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong, for its participation and efforts.

While not your typical medical laboratory professionals, who can ever forget how the team rose to the occasion, when Covid hit us?

Pivoting from an environmental testing lab, to handle human nature samples in 48 hours, decontaminating the lab, adjusting workflow, adapting skillsets, to steep learning curves of parallel testing, stepping up volumes, recalling and reinforcing resources at HTX Pasir Panjang lab.

Pasir Panjang Lab

In action at Pasir Panjang CBRNE lab facilities (Photos: HTX)

In August 2020, we were awarded the Ministry of Health Private Health Medical Clinic license. The laboratory was further ranked TIER 3 as a result of its performance and speed for results. It is a testament of the medical laboratory work we do and affirmation of confidence of our ability to handle all test cases.

This is truly an amazing accolade.

Thank you to all for the little and big sacrifices made, as we continue our journey.