[Featured News] Minister for Home Affairs National Day Awards

Congratulations to all our Minister for Home Affairs National Day Awards Winners!

Four HTX officers and two projects that our HTX units co-led received the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Awards 2020. The recipients were announced on 29 July 2020 at the Home Team National Day Observance Ceremony. They were among 105 Home Team officers who received the Individual Award and three Home Team projects which received the Team Award. The award recognises Home Team officers who have distinguished themselves through significant and commendable contributions in their respective areas of work. 33 members of the public, 15 Home Team volunteers, and 12 organisations were also presented awards for their significant contributions to the Home Team.

Minister for Home Affairs Mr K. Shanmugam commended all the award recipients for their commitment to keep Singapore safe and secure. “All our recipients have stepped forward when we needed them in times of need, in their own ways and they are role models and heroes for all of us. In these challenging times, let’s hold steadfast to our shared commitment to keep Singapore safe, secure and peaceful,” he said.

“Our heartiest congratulations to all the award winners this year. Their dedication, professionalism and spirit of innovation are an inspiration to us all,” said HTX Chief Executive Mr Chan Tsan.

On the HTX recipients, he said, “I mentioned at a recent HTX Town Hall that we are building HTX brick by brick and that our people are the centre of it all. All our officers across the Capability Planning, Development and Sustainment pillars have important roles to play in growing and building HTX to be the Home Team’s Force Multiplier. This year, I am pleased to see four of our officers recognised with Individual awards and two of our projects receiving Team awards. To the award winners and everyone at HTX, I thank you for your important contributions to the work of the Home Team in keeping Singapore safe and secure. Happy National Day!”

Read on to get to know our four individual award winners – Chan Sheau Shan, Mohamed Amir Arshad, Goh Eng Joo, and Wong Weiyang  from HTX and our two winning projects – T3-Xentinel and Project Heavy!

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Individual) – Chan Sheau Shan
Lifelong Learning Journey

Sheau Shan
(Photo: Chan Sheau Shan)

For many of us, navigating the procurement process can be a daunting affair. Not for Chan Sheau Shan. As Deputy Director of Procurement Unit, Sheau Shan is a walking guide on MHA procurement procedures. With her expertise in procurement, Sheau Shan has guided and developed the competency of the MHQ Quotation Processing Unit and has been instrumental in setting up of the HTX Quotation Processing Unit.

A firm believer and proponent of lifelong learning, she has also been involved in other areas such as logistics and corporate services. She did a stint as Deputy Director with Finance and Admin (FAD)/MHQ, to gain exposure to other related areas in procurement. In HTX, she was involved in FAD’s Admin Transformation plan, to right size the FAD unit to oversee the specialist functions of Building & Infrastructure, and Procurement in FAD. She has also worked with the HTX Corporate team on the administrative functions that the new team was to take over. On receiving the award, she says, “The award spurs me to continue learning and to give my best.”

With deep knowledge and skillsets in procurement and corporate services, it is no wonder that officers often turn to Sheau Shan for advice and guidance to better understand procurement processes and the ‘blind spots’ to look out for.

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Individual) – Mohamed Amir Arshad
Justice through Science

Mohamed Amir Arshad
(Photo: Amir Arshad, second from right)

If there is one thing that keeps Senior Crime Scene Specialist Mohamed Amir Arshad going on strong at his job for eight years, it is the job satisfaction in knowing that his work plays an important role to achieve justice for victims and their families.

Amir’s keen interest in science and criminal investigation led him to a job in forensics science. “I have always been intrigued with how the application of science is able to reconstruct a crime that had taken place. As a forward deployed officer, I am able to share my expertise in the crime scene and collaborate with investigators to tackle challenges in the criminal investigation. At the same time, I can explore new advanced technology to combat limitations faced in my line of work,” he says. 

Throughout his service, Amir has consistently delivered quality forensic services to the investigation fraternity. He is widely regarded to be a highly skilled and motivated forensic specialist who possesses strong leadership traits. These qualities led to his deployment in Nepal as part of a disaster victim identification mission during the 2015 earthquake.

When asked what his advice would be to young people looking for a career in forensics, he quips, “If you want a career that is more than just a job, HTX is the place to be.”

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Individual) – Goh Eng Joo
Justice through Science

Goh Eng Joo
(Photo: Goh Eng Joo)

“Change is the only constant in life.” With over 22 years of experience at MHA, Supt Goh Eng Joo’s work is testament to this proverb. He has held many key appointments in MHA, mainly Head of Training at the Home Team School of Criminal Investigation (HTSCI), and Commanding Officer (CO) of Bedok North Neighbourhood Police Centre (NPC). 

He led the HTSCI through its innovation journey, by enabling process changes to improve training productivity from traditional classroom-based lessons to application-based ways of learning for Criminal Investigation Training. For helping the Home Team take a giant leap towards innovation, he received the Exemplary Leader Award at the 2019 Public Sector Transformation Award. As CO NPC, he was an inspirational leader and coach to his subordinates.This laid the strong foundation to Bedok NPC clinching the best NPC within the Division during the inaugural NPC League competition.

Currently on secondment at HTX, Eng Joo has served as the Deputy Director for Trials & Experimentation, and is now the Deputy Director for Partnerships. He has put in place key work processes to ensure agile project management. He also serves as a guide to younger officers by coaching and mentoring programme managers and executives under his charge.

Implementing change is no easy feat but Eng Joo remains enthusiastic as he continues to contribute towards HTX’s and MHA’s success through transformation. 

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Individual) – Wong Weiyang
A Curious Mind

Wong Wei Yang
(Photo: Wong Weiyang)

Have you ever wondered about the existence of your doppelgänger or the existence of people born with super recognition ability, who can recognise and differentiate faces, sometimes better than machines and software? For Wong Weiyang, a Senior Lab Manager at HTX’s Biometrics & Profiling CoE, both phenomenon are subjects of fascination and curiosity. 

It is this interest that sparked Weiyang’s journey with MHA in 2013. He spent five years managing the Automatic Interview System – a secondary screening process used by the Immigration & Checkpoints officers and assisted in the review and data analysis of more than 25,000 travellers. 

With the formation of HTX, Weiyang took on the challenge of a new field of expertise under the Biometrics & Profiling unit. Despite picking up biometrics only for a short period, he has provided invaluable advice to the ICA, in their push to implement the New Clearance Concept, and the extensive use of Iris and Face Biometrics as an integral component of the clearance process for travellers.  

Weiyang has been consistently applying his wide-ranging and deep knowledge in S&T to support Home Team operations, quickly picking up new skills and knowledge, and constantly seeking to improve and create impact at a higher level. His work motto is, “There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it’s just a matter of finding it.”

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Team) – T3-Xentinel
A Team Effort – Countering Drones

Drone intrusions pose a serious safety and security threat to Security Sensitive Locations (SSLs) and events protected by the SPF. Protection against drones is labour intensive, but with the help of technology and domain experts, challenges can be addressed. A team comprising HTX, SPF, and DSO was formed to meet the challenge of developing an effective and expedited counter drone solution for SSL. 

The team conceptualised and developed a system that was commissioned in 14 months. This is a noteworthy achievement for a full featured counter drone system with capabilities to detect, identify and interdict drones using a combination of cutting-edge technologies. To achieve this, the team put in long working hours, on weekends and public holidays.  

(The T3-Xentinel project team with the system. Photo: HTX)

For the excellent teamwork, dedication to duty, operational efficiency, and integration of innovative technologies, the T3-Xentinel project team was presented with the Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Team).

Xentinel with CE (The T3-Xentinel project team. Photo: HTX)

On receiving the award, co-Project Team Leader, Director/Land Systems Eric Chua and his team are elated. “The T3-Xentinel team is indeed humbled by this great honour. The award is a strong testament of the excellent collaboration of the multi-domain team from Land Systems CoE, RAUS CoE, Central Procurement Office and Strat Comms, where we leveraged the strengths and expertise of each team member to deliver the stunning prototype in an incredibly challenging schedule. The award is also a strong confirmation of our value-add in providing innovative and advanced S&T solutions that contribute towards HTX’s focus to “eXponentially impacting Singapore’s safety and security,” said Eric.

“The team from RAUS CoE working on counter drone technologies is very honoured to receive this prestigious award. We are Xceedingly appreciative of the highest level of recognition accorded by MHA’s Senior Management. Personally, I am very proud of the RAUS team who committed countless hours and personal sacrifices to ensure that the systems were delivered with the required capabilities. Moving forward, the team commits to continue striving towards delivering more cutting edge counter drone technologies to the Home Team,” added Director/RAUS CoE, Cheng Wee Kiang who also served as co-Project Team Leader.

The HTX officers involved in this project are:

Cheng Wee Kiang

Director, RAUS

Eric Chua Hing Han

Director, Land Systems

Chua Song Heng


Mok Shao Hong

DD, Partnerships

Alen Ke Wai Loon

Senior Engineer, RAUS

Nicholas Chong

Manager, PMC

Brina Seow Ying Ming

Engineer, RAUS

Rajinder Singh


Khoo Yew Beng Rodney


Tan Puay Hia Vivian

Manager, CPO

Minister for Home Affairs National Day Award (Team) – Project Heavy 
A Team Effort – Fighting Fire

Battling fires get more dangerous and harder when it is out at sea. That is why the SCDF has been customising firefighting vessels that are more agile and powerful. With these vessels, SCDF is now able to handle beyond typical fires at sea. The new capabilities include large petrochemical fires, mass evacuation, and marine Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) contamination.

In delivering the new capabilities, HTX units - Marine Systems CoE, Joint Capabilities Programme Management Centre (PMC) and Police PMC - worked with SCDF and DSTA.

(Photo: SCDF)

The Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV) is designed to contain and address large scale fires in Singapore’s maritime waters and coastal areas and is capable of achieving a throw distance of at least 150m, allowing users to fight fire from afar. It is equipped with a CBR protection and detection system to detect harmful threats and perform hazardous material rescue missions out at sea. In addition, the HFV is capable of launching an inflatable boat to swiftly reach any survivors safely.

(Photo: SCDF)

The Heavy Rescue Vessel (HRV) is designed to serve as SCDF’s primary rescue and command platform. It is capable of accommodating up to 300 survivors in the rescue room and carry additional life rafts for 500. It is also equipped with a first aid room to treat casualties. 

(Photo: SCDF)

The Marine Rescue Vessel (MRV) is able to perform fast incident response in any fire or rescue incidents within Singapore Territorial Waters. The MRV has a recessed rescue zone that would facilitate lifting of survivors out at sea and accommodate 30 survivors in the rescue room. A CBR detection and protection system was also incorporated into its design, so that it is capable of conducting HazMat Rescue operations in hot zones.

On receiving the award, Director/Marine Systems, Chung Kam Sam said, “We are excited to deliver these new vessels with enhanced features and specifications to the SCDF. The HTX/DSTA team is grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with SCDF to deliver this world-class capability, and enhance our ability to handle incidents in our waters.”


Congratulations to all our winners!