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[FEATURED NEWS] New myResponder app launched

The new myResponder mobile app was officially launched on July 4, 2024.

The updated user interface of the new myResponder app shows the expected time to reach the cardiac arrest patient by different modes of transport, as well as the number of other CFRs who have responded to the alert.
(Photo: HTX) 

Jointly developed by HTX and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), the new myResponder mobile app was officially launched on July 4, 2024. 

The first version of the app, which was launched in 2015, alerts registered community first responders (CFRs) to suspected cardiac arrest incidents within 400 metres of their locations before the arrival of SCDF’s Emergency Medical Services. CFRs can also use the app to locate nearby Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) for use on cardiac arrest patients. 

In addition, CFRs can send photos and videos of fire incidents to the SCDF Operations Centre through the app, thus allowing frontline officers to have a better assessment of the situation.

The new myResponder app includes new features that will improve the lifesaving response of CFRs:

(1) Mode of response. Registered CFRs can now select their modes of response: by bicycle or by vehicle, in addition to the existing mode of responding on foot. By selecting the new modes of response, the CFR can choose to respond to incidents within an increased radius of up to 800m by bicycle or 1.5km by vehicle.

(2) Respond Together. Before accepting the case, CFRs will be able to see if there are other CFRs responding to the incident. CFRs who respond to the same incident will be able to track each other’s location on the incident map. CFRs responding to an incident will also be able to communicate using the new chat function to coordinate their responses, including locating essential items such as AEDs or fire extinguishers. SCDF Operations Centre will also be able to communicate with the CFRs via the chat function to provide guidance.

In 2025, a video call function will be integrated with the myResponder app to complement the existing photo and video functions. CFRs can use the real-time video call functions to help SCDF make a better assessment of an ongoing emergency, so that the appropriate emergency resources can be promptly dispatched. 

The new myResponder app will allow you to select your mode of transport to the incident site. You can also see the other CFRs who are responding to the same incident. (Photo: HTX)

Since the launch of the myResponder mobile app in 2015, 76 cardiac arrest patients were saved by CFRs who were activated through the app.

Since the app was enhanced to allow notifications of minor fires in 2018, CFRs who were activated through the app responded to approximately 50% of minor fire incidents each year. 

“The new myResponder app offers a more intuitive and improved user experience. We hope that more members of the public will sign up with the new app and understand that they too, can help to save lives,” said Low Guoliang, an IT consultant with HTX’s Digital Services Programme Management Centre.

The previous version of the myResponder mobile app will cease to operate by the end of August 2024. Existing CFRs will be notified by the app to download and install the new myResponder mobile app.