The heart of exuberance – Love what you do!

Pauline Ng is recognised by her peers for her exuberance.


Exuberance is magnetic. We naturally gravitate towards those who have great exuberance because we want to partake in their positive energy. Pauline Ng, Deputy Director (Investigation), Investigation Systems, Policing Programme Management Centre (PPMC), is recognised by her peers for her exuberance. Her colleague Chuah Sun Chin, Head, Investigation Systems, PPMC, observes:

“I have known Pauline for almost a decade and throughout the years, I have seen her energetic, vibrant, and positive approach towards contributing to policing tech work. I had the opportunity to join her team recently and witnessed for myself how she epitomised the value.”

When we are with exuberant people, we share in their positivity, and this can energise us to reach greater heights. Lim Siock Bee, Head (Ops Logistics Systems), Investigation Systems, PPMC, shares:

“Not only those under her management, but even fellow colleagues from other divisions are also as amazed with/by her abundance of vitality in comprehending every situation (be it big or small) and analyse with the many teams she manages and present it in a ‘most positive’ manner to the users. This is how she helped keep her team high-spirited …  She will always remind her team that it is OK to fail if we try our best.”

Outside of her work at PPMC, Pauline’s exuberance also extends to House Air, where she is captain. Her vice-captain Beh Ming Wei testifies that:

“She is always full of energy and passionate when cheering for our house members at various house challenges and competitions. During the HTX-AWS DeepRacer event, I vividly remember DD Pauline cheering enthusiastically. Her exuberance is highly infectious and in turn, this created a positive team environment and inspired our members to go above and beyond.”

Wong Chee Mun, Dy Director, Operation Systems (Engineering), PPMC, who is also in House Air, concurs, noting that “she is very active and rallies the members to participate in the activities, while she herself is very often taking part in the games or challenges.”

The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Where does her exuberance come from? Pauline’s inspiration is Steve Jobs, especially his motto: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”

Her passion for technology drives her work at HTX, where she works tirelessly with her team to coordinate technology projects, drive transformation initiatives, as well as build and manage ICT infrastructure at PPMC.

Her exuberance has helped her team meet difficult challenges head on. When the COVID-19 circuit breaker was implemented in April 2020, MOH and law enforcement agencies urgently needed a centralised database to track enforcement actions against the violators of Safe Distancing Measures. “HTX was tasked to develop a solution and my team was quick to accept the challenge and immediately started working on the project,” she recalled vividly.

She and her team spent sleepless nights building the app from scratch. “My team hoped to release a Minimal Viable Product as soon as possible.” After just a week, the app was built! She proudly shared that “at the peak of its usage, the app could support approximately 4,000 frontline officers from 35 agencies and enabled the multi-agency safe distancing task force to carry out enforcement duties effectively and consistently.”

The success of the COVID-19 enforcement app was a feather in the cap for PPMC and highlights what the inspirational power of exuberance can accomplish.

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