Indoor Micro-UAV

(Photo: HTX)

Indoor Micro-UAV is a compact indoor drone developed by HTX that can operate without Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) and beyond the range of conventional radio. HTX searched for an off-the-shelf solution but there was no drone that met the Home Team’s requirements on the market. In August 2022, after six months of development and testing, the first iteration of Indoor Micro-UAV was completed and it has since undergone many improvements.

3D map generated by Indoor Micro-UAV (Photo: HTX)


  • Visual Inertial Odometry. A monocular camera and inertial measurement unit work in unison to provide Indoor Micro-UAV with accurate position data in the absence of GNSS.
  • Cellular-Linked. Indoor Micro-UAV can be flown from anywhere in the world with an LTE connection, achieving video latencies of less than 300 ms.
  • Mapping. Indoor Micro-UAV can map its surrounding environment at a resolution of over 100 voxels/m3.
  • Camera Array. Indoor Micro-UAV is equipped with an LED flashlight, RGB camera, and thermal imaging to cover a variety of indoor lighting conditions.

Coming Next

  • Autonomous Return-to-Home. Once the job is finished, Indoor Micro-UAV will come back on its own, freeing up our Home Team operators to focus on other tasks.
  • Floorplan Generation. 3D reconstructions of indoor environments may not always be useful from a planning perspective. Indoor Micro-UAV will provide commanders with a 2D floor plan for more effective coordination.


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