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[FEATURED NEWS] Celebration of Xponents at HTX Promotion Dinner 2023

The HTX Promotion Dinner held on 5 May 2023 celebrated the work of Xponents.

Promotion Ceremony
(Photo: HTX)

The HTX Promotion Dinner held on 5 May 2023 celebrated the work of Xponents. This was HTX’s first Promotion Dinner, and Chief Executive (CE) Chan Tsan observed that one of the benefits of working at a young organisation like HTX is that you get to experience many “firsts.”

Thanking the promoted HTX officers for their “service and dedication to duty,” CE shared that in the past year HTX had made “significant progress in our efforts to force multiply our Home Team Departments,” and that “these achievements would not have been possible without your contributions.”

Here, in their own words, are some of these promoted officers.

Amanda(Photo: Amanda Lee)

Amanda Lee
Head, Policy (B&I HQ)
Building & Infrastructure Sustainment Centre

Hi Amanda, tell us about your career at HTX so far.

I am glad to be part of the Building & Infrastructure (B&I) family! Knowing that my work as a B&I officer has a tangible outcome is extremely meaningful.

Previously forward deployed to ICA, together with my colleagues, we help to support our Home Team colleagues to bring their development and upgrading projects to fruition, review and ascertain technical and infrastructure requirements, manage system life cycles and maintenance work to all Home Team buildings and facilities.

I am currently part of a team of dynamic individuals responsible for reviewing B&I policies and developing an audit framework, providing guidance to the Home Team Departments to enhance its overall project and contract management system.

What do you feel about your promotion?

Delighted – Validation and a feeling of worth stemming from hard work I had been putting in 😊 I am also thankful to my bosses for this recognition!

What are your hopes for HTX?

For B&I to break new frontiers with Tech and Innovation through collaborations with other HTX domains and partnerships with external organisations for our Home Team buildings and facilities.

Aloysius(Photo: Aloysius Tan)

Aloysius Tan
Head, Cognitive Analytics
Cognitive Computing, xData, Enterprise Group

Hi Aloysius, tell us about your career at HTX so far.

My career at HTX has allowed me to pursue my passion in developing and operationalising data science and AI capabilities, which is made more meaningful by the work HTX does.

What do you feel about your promotion?

I’m thankful and grateful for the support, guidance and advice I’ve received. It’s nice to be recognised for my contributions as a bonus while I’m pursing my passion and technical mastery.

What are your hopes for HTX?

I hope that HTX continues to drive innovation by embracing and leveraging on technological advancements as a cohesive community.

(Photo: Azzafir Ariff Patail)

Azzafir Ariff Patail
Head, Vendor Management (IT Service Operations)
ICT Infra Sustainment Centre

Hi Azzafir, tell us about your career at HTX so far.

I am blessed to have been part of ICT Infrastructure Sustainment Centre.

Learning curve was steep initially and it is action-packed at times.

With dedicated teammates and decisive bosses, overcoming those obstacles became a breeze.

We are never left alone to fend for ourselves, for example, when we need to come back to sites after office hours due to incidents, everyone pitches in to do their part in resolving the incidents including our Director, Deputy Directors, and Heads.

What do you feel about your promotion?

It is still a mixed feeling for me. I feel honored that I am chosen to be promoted and at the same time, I do feel that my other colleagues do equally deserve the promotion as well.

I am grateful that the Director, Deputy Directors, and Heads collectively agreed to award me with the promotion. I would like to thank the entire team for their confidence in me and I will strive to continuously improve myself.

What are your hopes for HTX?

My hopes will be that HTX will continue to become the critical component for the entire Home Team Departments (HTDs) in developing solutions that are not only sophisticated and practical but easy to use as well.

HTX will enable the various HTDs to serve our nation in a far more efficient manner that can save lives and improve the security of all the people in Singapore.

(Photo: Renz Ridon)

Renz Ridon
Lead Engineer, Corrections
Corrections and Narcotics Programme Management Centre

Hi Renz, tell us about your career at HTX so far.

I’m glad to be part of this purpose-driven Science & Technology agency that is committed to keeping Singapore safe and secure. I’m also grateful for the ample opportunities to gain valuable skills and knowledge as well as the opportunities to cross paths with many passionate colleagues, mentors and teammates. And I am thankful to have been part of a cohesive department with supportive leaders who provide opportunities for personal and professional growth.

What do you feel about your promotion?

Pleased and thankful – as it signifies the support and recognition of my bosses and that HTX acknowledges my contributions and reflects the advancement of my career.

What are your hopes for HTX?

To achieve greater heights and wider contributions to team HTX and for HTX to continue to break new frontiers in both innovation, technological space and to achieve its mission successes.