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[FEATURED NEWS] HTX Family and Sports Day 2024

Xponents from HTX offices across Singapore converged at Marina Barrage for an Xceptional day of fun and games

The quintessential Xponent pose. (Photo: HTX)

It might have been a rainy morning, but that didn’t stop nearly 2,000 Xponents and their family members from gathering at Marina Barrage to participate in the HTX Family and Sports Day 2024 on June 21.

Featuring a host of activities that allowed Xponents to bond with their colleagues and families, the event also marked the start of the Annual Walk and Run, which sees Xponents attempt to outwalk or outrun one another in a 10-day challenge from June 21 to June 30.

Here’s a glimpse into what this army of purple Xponents did on this day.

No sun? No problem. The dreary, rainy morning was lit up by the cheers of a massive crowd. (Photo: HTX)

HTX Chief Executive Chan Tsan thanked Xponents and their family members for the emphatic turnout at the Family and Sports Day 2024. (Photo: HTX)

It was all smiles and laughter as Xponents enjoyed a day out near the sea at the Marina Barrage. (Photo: HTX)

It wasn’t just the humans who were smiling at Family Day. Check out this beauty! (Photo: HTX)

HTX Chief Executive Chan Tsan with his three daughters and furkid. (Photo: HTX)

Not all pets present were of the canine kind. (Photo: HTX)

In line with the sporty theme of the event, Xponents got moving and sweating to the music. (Photo: HTX)

But perhaps the ones who exerted the most energy were the kids, who had a ball of a time at the bouncy castle.  (Photo: HTX)

The multiple game stations were also a source of fun and laughs for the children and adults alike. (Photo: HTX)

Xponents and their family members were treated to a well-curated selection of fun fair munchies like hot dogs, candy floss and popcorn. (Photo: HTX)

The body art stations at the Family and Sports Day allowed Xponents to sport different types of body art, from exquisite henna designs to bold airbrush tattoos. (Photo: HTX)

The Family Day and Sports Day gave Xponents an opportunity to take time off from creating “magic” for the Home Team to have a laugh with magic tricks. (Photo: HTX)

The photo booth where Xponents and their loved ones could don colourful props proved to be a big hit. (Photo: HTX)

Others opted for a different approach to remember the day – caricature portraits! (Photo: HTX)

Perfectly balanced like all things should be. Xponents and their family members got to learn neat party tricks during the event, too. (Photo: HTX)

A blast from the past! The well-loved Milo Truck reminded many Xponents of their primary and secondary school days. (Photo: HTX)

Apart from delighting the crowd with adorable balloon sculptures, the Women in HTX club also spread awareness of the importance of gender diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. (Photo: HTX)

What a day it was! Now to look forward to the next major company event – our 5th anniversary celebrations this November. (Photo: HTX)