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[FEATURED NEWS] HTX visits Hwa Chong Institution for the first time

HTX made its first ever appearance at Hwa Chong Institution on 28 February 2024 as part of its scholarship recruitment exercise with the HTXpress in tow.

HTXpress at HCI 1-min
Hwa Chong students at the HTXpress. (Photo: HTX)

The HTXpress caught the attention of passing students, and a curious crowd began to form in front of it. Our Xponents warmly welcomed them aboard, which led to students excitedly hopping on and off the HTXpress throughout the day. They were all smiles, from start to finish, when they were greeted with an assortment of free HTX goodies!

HTXpress at HCI 2-min
Hwa Chong students eagerly piling up the HTXpress after their reflexes were put to the test during a mini-game they took part in. (Photo: HTX)

The students were met with multiple games on board the bus that required them to pick at their brains – such as unscrambling a QR code.

HTXpress at HCI 3-min

Students working as a team to unscramble the QR code as quickly as possible! (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 4-min
Deep in thought as they took on the games in the bus. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 5-min

The HTXpress bustled with excitement as students immersed themselves in interactive games. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 6-min
Adorable freebies that were distributed to the students after they exited the bus – this included a trendy sticker sheet as well as an interactive card they could scan to find out more about HTX. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 7-min

Outside the bus, students were tickled by Spirit 40’s groovy dance moves. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 8-min
Spirit 40 stirred up excitement among students as it performed multiple tricks like flipping over, which elicited wide smiles and bursts of laughter. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 9-min

Xponents and students were all smiles during their chit chat sessions. (Photo: HTX)

A team of Xponents who are Hwa Chong alumni were on hand to spread word about HTX to their juniors. Amidst their busy schedules, Hwa Chong students made time to check out the HTX booth and present their inquiries about HTX to their seniors.

HTXpress at HCI 10-min
Chief Executive Chan Tsan, accompanied by Xponents who are Hwa Chong alumni. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 11-min

Hwa Chong alumni who currently work at HTX returned to their alma mater, inspiring their juniors and giving them the inside scoop on what HTX is about. (Photo: HTX)

The alumni encouraged all students who had an interest in HTX to join them through internships or by applying for the HTX scholarship, sharing that HTX was a place rife with opportunities!

HTXpress at HCI 12-min
CE Chan Tsan connecting with students who had just completed the games on board the HTXpress. (Photo: HTX)

HTXpress at HCI 13-min

Hwa Chong students through the generations – CE Chan Tsan, a proud Hwa Chong alumnus, next to his daughter, who is currently studying in the school! (Photo: HTX)

When asked whether he would encourage his daughter and her friends to join HTX, CE Chan Tsan responded with a resounding “Yes!” He added, “They will get to do cutting-edge science and technology work that is interesting and challenging, and at the same time serve a meaningful purpose in a fun and exuberant workplace environment.”

HTXpress at HCI 14-min
Another parent-child duo spotted! Pauline Ng and her daughter, a current Hwa Chong student, were also present on Wednesday. (Photo: HTX)

Similarly, Pauline Ng, Deputy Director (Investigation), Investigation Systems, Policing Programme Management Centre (PPMC), encouraged her daughter and her friends to work at HTX, “Joining HTX is interesting, as you are able to build something that directly impacts the Home Team departments, and that is very meaningful.”

It was definitely a day full of fun and learning for the students of Hwa Chong Institution. HTX is welcoming of all students who are interested in exponentially impacting Singapore’s safety and security, as well as students who harbour an interest for Science and Technology!