Seizing the Fastest Way to Learn

For Daphne Goh, being an engineer at HTX’s Cybersecurity Centre of Expertise (CoE) involves not just working remotely in front of the computer. She believes in being on the ground to see through her projects, as she feels that “the fastest way to learn is to be in the thick of the action.” 

She said, “At HTX, we solve real issues in real time.”

“I had witnessed our Home Team Ops in action. To be able to implement an end-to-end solution that optimises their workflows and helps them bring about positive change, keeps me excited about the work I do at HTX. Combatting critical issues on the ground expands my learning curve exponentially.”

She and her colleagues are building a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services and technologies, to safeguard our Home Team’s Infocomm Systems. With supercomputers, 5G networks and faster internet speeds gaining ground, their work to boost Singapore’s capabilities in combatting cyber attacks and responding to threats decisively, is more critical than ever.


Daphne at the HTX office (Photo: HTX)

One of Daphne‘s key projects is to re-engineer and enhance the threat detection workflows of the Ministry of Home Affairs Security Ops Centre (SOC). This work is important as it enables the SOC analysts to ensure that the system data and logs are monitored effectively and efficiently, even as their systems grow in number and complexity.

“Investing in analytics and automation enables faster threat discovery, strengthens our operational responses to cyber incidents, allows us to deliver secure digital services, and minimises potential loss of sensitive citizen data,” said Daphne.

Surrounded by experts who are constantly pushing boundaries, she hopes to better understand the various domains of cybersecurity and related fields – such as penetration testing, cybersecurity design and incident response. 

Interestingly, Daphne does not hold a degree in cybersecurity. She majored in Engineering Systems Design (ESD) at the Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). But she is learning fast in the new field. 

She said, “I first got to know about HTX from a career advisor at SUTD. I was attracted by HTX’s aim to nurture science and technology professionals. I believe that it is the right workplace for me where I’ll be given plenty of opportunities to pick up relevant hard skills and gain professional expertise.”

Her experience turned out as she had hoped for. She said, “My leaders have supported my development and given me the autonomy to see through my projects. There is no spoon feeding. Instead, they respect and trust my work, allowing me space to experiment and make discoveries independently.” She particularly appreciates the developmental pathways to build technical expertise at HTX.

Daphne is technically adept not only in engineering, she is also well-versed in music, being good at playing both the violin and the cello. In her free time, she enjoys making music together with her community orchestra, as well as a good workout at spin and yoga classes.


Daphne performing with the SUTD Chamber Ensemble at the Ex Alia Parte Concert in 2019 (Photo: Daphne)

Asked what she relishes most about these activities, she said, “It’s the harmony of the team effort, producing good reverberation that I enjoy.” For Daphne, being in the thick of the action, pursuing common goals together with others on the ground, continues to be the excitement and catalyst for learning both in work and in life.