The Home Team Infocomm systems are crucial to Home Team’s daily operations, impacting public safety, emergency response and border control. The Infocomm systems support a wide variety of systems and devices, ranging from computers and systems, mobile devices and vehicles. The Infocomm system is also the backbone of the online services provided to the public, where a lot of data is collected for the provision of the services.

With so much at stake, it is of prime importance that we shore up our cyber security capabilities to safeguard Home Team’s systems from cyber attacks.

The HTX Cybersecurity Centre of Expertise fortifies Home Team’s cybersecurity systems through the development of a comprehensive suite of cybersecurity services and technology, as well as the proactive identification of security vulnerabilities in our systems. As an additional layer of defence, we also develop processes and conduct training for officers to handle complex security crises and incidents.

We are part of a cybersecurity ecosystem comprising government, industry, research, and academia, which gives us opportunities to collaborate with a pool of talent and experts to innovate new and advance cybersecurity capabilities. The Police Smartphone is an innovation jointly developed by HTX and partners. The phone runs on a secured communications platform with custom-built apps that allow officers to broadcast information while on-the-go, to the operations, investigation, and intelligence units to conduct swift joint operations effectively, without compromising the confidentiality of time-sensitive data.