Data Science & AI


The age of big data offers us the opportunity to harness immense amounts of information that will enable us to improve internal and mission-based operations.

Across Home Team departments, technologies developed by HTX have been deployed in Policing, Counter-Terrorism, Emergency Medical Services and Fire-fighting, Border Operations, Rehabilitation, Corrections, and Drug Control, to enable them to draw insights from large and varied droves of data sources in order to make more informed decisions and respond more efficiently to incidents.

For example, to get ambulances more quickly to patients, we are collaborating with the Singapore Civil Defence Force in leveraging data analytics to glean patterns to determine where and when to deploy its ambulances to minimise response times. 

On the front-line, we are working with the Singapore Prison Service to pilot the use of sentiment analysis on public feedback. Emails received from the public will automatically be categorised based on their nature and content, allowing officers to better manage feedback and respond to issues.