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[FEATURED NEWS] AI-enhanced video security for marine vessels

HTX is collaborating with the SCDF on a trial of an AI-enhanced video security system for the SCDF’s marine vessels.

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HTX’s Elfeiz Fadhil, Head (Governance & Audit, Marine Systems), Platform Systems (4th from left), Alvin Loke, Engineer (Q3), Q Team (3rd from left) and Lin Zi Xing, Engineer (Q3), Q Team (2nd from left), with SCDF’s LTC Alex Chan (4th from right) and his crew in front of the Red Dolphin. (Photo: HTX)

HTX’s Q Team and Platform Systems Sustainment Centre are collaborating with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) on a proof-of-concept trial of an Artificial Intelligence (AI) enhanced video security system for the SCDF’s marine vessels.

The AI-enhanced video analytics software that is developed by Q Team can detect humans in normal and infrared CCTV footage and is capable of distinguishing authorised personnel from unknown intruders with over 90% accuracy. When an intruder is spotted, the AI-enhanced system will automatically alert the authorities. In comparison, in a standard CCTV security system, if the security officer fails to spot an intruder on the CCTV monitor due to distraction or fatigue, the intrusion may go undetected until the footage is reviewed!

The proof-of-concept AI-enhanced video security system has been installed on the Red Dolphin, which is one of the SCDF West Coast Marine Fire Station’s Firefighting and Rescue Vessels. As the AI will need to constantly monitor all areas of the vessel throughout the day and night, the CCTV cameras have been upgraded to have infrared capability so that they can spot the heat signature of humans even in pitch darkness. The upgraded cameras also have 360-degree pan and 90-degree tilt to minimise any blind spots where intruders may try to hide from view.

The AI-enhanced system offers several advantages. The system’s immediate notification of all intrusions to the authorities will also minimise the risk of theft or vandalism by the intruders. It adds an additional layer of security and can even be trained to identify and alert the duty watch officers to problems such as floods in the engine room. More generally, the system could allow for the centralisation and automation of the security monitoring of the SCDF’s marine fleet.

The Commander of the West Coast Marine Fire Station, LTC Alex Chan shared, “Despite the short notice and unique requirements, HTX efficiently developed a system to address SCDF’s specific needs. Their attention to detail was evident throughout the process, from customising the algorithms to seamless integration with existing system. Thanks to the team commitment to delivering a solution that surpassed expectations.”

The proof-of-concept trial, which started in February 2024, is scheduled to conclude in 2026.