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Celebrating three years of exponentially impacting Singapore’s safety and security. 

HTX 3rd anniversarySenior management and members of the Staff Welfare Committee on stage for the cake cutting at HTX’s 3rd anniversary celebration held on Nov 21, 2022. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

The exuberance of the crowd was electrifying and exhilarating as over 1,300 Xponents came together to celebrate HTX’s 3rd anniversary – the first time the whole of HTX has gathered since its launch in December 2019. The event kicked off a slew of celebratory activities for the anniversary.

In his opening remarks, Chief Executive Chan Tsan said that HTX had done well for a "Covid baby" born right before the pandemic struck. "I cannot be prouder of HTX and of each and every Xponent," he added.

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HTX Chief Executive Chan Tsan
HTX Chief Executive Chan Tsan speaking to Xponents at the 3rd anniversary celebration. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

Working together to make the extraordinary happen

The HTX 3rd anniversary celebration 2022 was organised by the Staff Welfare Committee led by co-chairs Director (Forensics) Lim Chin Chin (left) and Director (Platform Systems) Tan Teck Chuan (right). (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

"It’s exhilarating and heartening to see Xponents gathering together and enjoying themselves after three quiet years," said Lim Chin Chin, Director, Forensics Centre of Expertise, and co-chairman of the HTX Staff Welfare Committee that organised the event. "The energy and vibrancy is invigorating, making the celebration memorable and unforgettable!"

For Elfeiz Fadhil, Head, Governance & Audit, Platform Systems, who was the 3rd anniversary celebration team lead, being part of the team of Xponents from across the organisation to organise the event was most fulfilling. "We work hard and play hard, and celebrate our achievements together," he added.

HTX band Coffee BreakHTX’s band – Coffee Break – performing at the celebration. The band’s 11 members come from a range of divisions at HTX, including Corporate & Finance, Enterprise Group, Platform Systems, and Policing Programme Management Office. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

Noorazura Anuar, an engineer with the Policing Programme Management Centre, shared: "It has been an exciting journey working with HTX and I’ve learnt a lot working with fellow Xponents and Home Team colleagues." Noorazura is also the leader and lead vocal of Coffee Break, HTX’s very own inhouse band that provided live entertainment during the celebration event.

"Our mission to force multiply the Home Team drives me and I’m proud to be a part of HTX and developing innovative solutions to keep Singapore safe and secure," she said.

Here are some photos of the best-dressed teams at the celebration:

HTX 3rd anniversary best dressed team 1
Xponents from across HTX, including Senior Management office, came dressed in the World Cup/ Sports Day theme for the celebration. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

HTX 3rd anniversary best dressed team 2
Team Building & Infrastructure came dressed to play “Squid Game” at the celebration. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)

HTX 3rd anniversary best dressed team 3
Xponents from Enterprise Group – Enterprise Cloud (xCloud) kitted up as referees. (Photo: HTX/ Tan Chuan-Yean)