The Policing Programme Management Centre (PPMC) supports the Singapore Police Force (SPF) in technological advancement and capability development. PPMC works closely with SPF users to identify key areas of need and cutting-edge technologies that can aid SPF in its mission: To prevent, deter and detect crime.

Areas of Expertise

PPMC is organised into four branches, looking at three broad areas in Policing, namely Operations, Investigations and Intelligence.

Our area of focus includes:

  • Operations Systems
  • Coastal Surveillance Systems
  • Unmanned and Robotic Systems
  • Security Access Systems
  • Mobility Systems
  • Training and Simulation Systems
  • Investigation, Reporting and Police Licensing Systems
  • Case Management System
  • Data Management and Analytics Systems
  • Data and Logistics Functionalities

The PPMC team comprises a myriad of expertise, ranging from technological experts to engineering professionals, supporting each other in different functional areas and specialisations. 


Our key initiatives include projects to equip all frontline officers with smartphones that enable secured communications, working and learning on the go, renewing the access control across seven Home Team Departments, developing the next generation Case Management System, working together with the Centres of Expertise to deliver the Next Generation Fast Response Car, Robotics, Drones, Training and Simulation Systems, and many others.

PPMC will continue to work with SPF to deliver technological projects that eXponentially impact Singapore’s safety and security, and in doing so, aid SPF in achieving its vision to make Singapore the safest place in the world.