Biometrics & Profiling


Singapore is a popular destination for business and leisure travellers and the number of travellers passing through Singapore is expected to grow continuously. A smarter and more effective checkpoint operations is needed to augment frontline operations to keep our checkpoints safe and provide an efficient immigration clearance process for the travellers.   

The Biometrics & Profiling Centre of Expertise innovates and enables multi-modal biometric capabilities for fingerprint, facial, and iris recognition. Our technologies are supporting the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority to provide a seamless, secure, and efficient immigration clearance experience for all travellers. Another area of our work is the development of profiling capabilities to sieve out people with malicious intent, in an efficient and non-intrusive manner.

With more new discoveries on the horizon of biometrics, there is vast potential to develop game-changing technologies that will allow people to move around faster, easier and safer.