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With an increasingly complex operating environment in public safety and security, it is crucial for the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) and the Home Team Departments (HTDs) to take an integrated and coordinated approach in conducting their operations.

A Command, Control and Communication (C3) system plays a vital role in providing a comprehensive view of a dynamic situation, supports the collaboration and coordination of responses during emergencies, helps in the effective allocation of resources, and assists decision makers with data-driven analyses.

By integrating various technologies and platforms, C3 systems fuse pertinent data from various sources, and analyse and make sense of these data to create actionable insights that support decision makers to make informed and timely decisions.

At C3 Centre of Expertise, we drive the development of C3 capabilities in MHA to enhance public safety and security to achieve seamless operations and coordination as an integrated Home Team. We work closely with HTDs to understand each department’s unique C3 operational needs, study new concepts of operation, and develop C3 system architectures and capabilities to solve MHA’s and the HTDs’ operational problems effectively.

As part of the work to enhance C3 capabilities, we recognise that it is essential to drive innovation and remain at the forefront by harnessing the advantages of emerging technologies. Hence we also explore new operating concepts and technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, robotics, and digital twins to continuously enhance C3 capabilities to address dynamic challenges in the ever-evolving digital landscape.