Digital & Information Forensics


Many criminals often use the internet and social media to carry out their crimes, as being behind the other side of the screen gives them the false perception that they are hidden from detection. But little do they know that the tracks they leave behind—on the device they use or on the internet—can easily give them away.

The Digital & Information Forensics Centre of Expertise employs cutting-edge technology and a multi-disciplinary approach involving on-scene, laboratory, and digital forensics to maximise evidence recovery and analysis to produce fast and actionable leads for our investigators. Our push to increase the efficiency of digital forensics support for investigations, we have developed user-friendly tools to enable front-line officers to conduct evidence review on their own and generate leads faster. 

The Digital Forensic Kiosk is used to extract the contents from various evidence sources such as mobile phones, storage media, and other devices. The Kiosk is a self-service platform for officers to easily retrieve and analyse information from digital devices. They are designed specifically for non-technical users and will assist officers to scan for possible evidence based on the type of case or data.

We are also in the midst of developing DIGEST, a Digital Evidence Search Tool, which aims to automate the forensic processing of voluminous data, to complement the Forensic Kiosk. The system works by ingesting the data required to be examined. Once the data has been processed, the officer is notified and will be able to access DIGEST at any time to review the data via a user-friendly interface and generate a customised report.