Protective Security & Safety


The events of September 11, 2001 in the United States have transformed the perspectives of governments towards the security of critical infrastructure and iconic buildings. Terrorist attacks can damage a building’s structure, potentially leading to a total collapse and becoming a tragedy.

HTX’s Protective Security and Safety Centre of Expertise develops long-term capabilities and solutions to protect Singapore’s critical infrastructure, high profile developments and major security events from terrorist threats and to address fire safety risks in buildings. Our three domains—Protective Security Engineering, Fire Safety Engineering, and Shelters and Civilian Protection—work in tandem to keep our buildings and public spaces safe.

Protective Security Engineering researches emerging technologies to mitigate risks of blast, as well as the application of security technologies and protective infrastructure against hostile vehicles and forced entry. 

In Fire Safety Engineering, we undertake research projects to better understand the behaviour of fire and smoke and its effects on people and our fire fighters. With evidence gathered from the research, we strengthen fire code requirements, leading to safer building designs. 

Shelters and Civilian Protection, as its name implies, aims to protect civilians during a National Emergency. It constantly conducts research on new and innovative materials, new construction design and methods, and reviews shelter designs for better flexibility and effectiveness.