The new era of robots and drones has opened tremendous possibilities for the HTX Robotics, Automation & Unmanned Systems (RAUS) Centre of Expertise to translate these technologies for the greater good.

Thanks to these technologies, firefighters have their robotic suits and automatons when they on go on missions to better protect civilians and their property. Police officers will be supported by robots that can conduct indoor and outdoor navigation autonomously, and are also capable of detecting anomalies to keep public spaces safe.

Soon, drones and robots that could augment efforts in search and rescue missions will be a reality. Small, tactile and unmanned, these machines could help locate and save those trapped in rubble after a disaster and also deliver Automated External Defibrillators (AED) to locations that are restricted due to rough terrain, vehicle size, or are risky for humans. Such technologies will be a significant game changer for live-saving missions.

Robotics and automation can also be harnessed to bring our service levels to new heights and allow our officers to focus on work that has higher value-add. One such example is the Automated Passenger In-Car Clearance System (Apics) which allows vehicle passengers to perform immigration clearance on their own, freeing up officers to attend to other more critical duties.