Sense-making & Surveillance


Hailed as one of the safest places in the world, Singapore offers a sense of peace and freedom that allows Singaporeans to build their lives in a safe environment. Businesses and travellers are also attracted to the stability and security of the Little Red Dot for work and play. 

Ensuring public safety is key to keeping Singapore safe and secure. The advent of new technologies has provided tools that make safer cities smarter. HTX's Sense-making & Surveillance Centre of Expertise works closely with the Home Team Departments, such as the Singapore Police Force and Immigration & Checkpoints Authority, to develop different surveillance systems leveraging on state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technologies. Integrating our technologies with the front-line creates a force multiplier that enables the front-line to safeguard our homeland and border security more effectively.

Our work can also be extended to improve the safety and efficiency of prison cells. We are collaborating with the Singapore Prison Service to develop a Human Behaviour Detection System (HBEDS) as part of the SPS 'Prison Without Guards' initiative. The HBEDS is able to pick up patterns of abnormal behaviour in prison cells for early intervention, keeping the inmates safe with the aid of technology.