Vehicle & Weapon Systems


Fans of the James Bond movies would fantasise about the heavily fortified Aston Martin DB11 cars and cleverly designed weapons that Q equipped James to accomplish his missions. In reality, the use of high tech cars and weapons to keep law and order is closer to home than we had ever imagined.

Think automatic number plate recognition at fast speed on the road, specialised armoured protected vehicles that can neutralise threats and/or take serious hits without harming the occupants, mobile platforms that quickly transform into command centers to coordinate lengthy operations such as fire and counter-terrorism situations. These are just some of the high tech vehicles that you can expect to see in our Home Teams’ missions today.

Helming the development of new high tech vehicles and weapons is HTX’s Vehicle and Weapon Systems Centre of Expertise. Vehicle and Weapon Systems lead the exploration and adoption of technologies on vehicular platforms, weapon systems, and armament to support the Home Team in tactical operations on the ground. We design and customise robust platforms integrated with cutting-edge technologies to respond to emergencies, deter and disrupt threats with better precision and speed.

Technology that has been successfully deployed to operations include the Tactical Vehicle, Rapid Deployment Troops Bike and Artic Warfare Sniper Rifle for the Special Operations Command, Armoured Protected Vehicles for the Gurkha Contingent, and 25mm Bushmaster Remote Weapon System used by the Police Coast Guard Vessels.