Civil Defence

The Civil Defence Programme Management Centre (CDPMC) works closely with the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) to translate cutting-edge technologies and game-changing ideas into operational solutions.

Areas of Expertise

CDPMC builds up capabilities in areas such as design innovation, user journey mapping, system architecting, development, acquisition and systems integration.

These span the full spectrum of planning, development and commissioning of emergency response systems to ensure that SCDF continues to be a formidable life-saving force, fulfilling its mission to protect and save lives and property.

At the same time, CDPMC links HTX domains to SCDF, fostering multi-domain collaborations where strengths and expertise are harnessed to deliver capabilities that meet SCDF’s operational needs.

CDPMC1(Graphic: SCDF)


One such development is the HazMat Driver Verification System (HDVS) which received the ‘Gold’ award at the Home Team Innovation Awards 2020.

CDPMC2(Photos: SCDF)

A collaboration between SCDF’s HazMat Department and HTX CDPMC, the self-operating kiosk eliminates the need for manual screening of drivers and inspection of vehicles carrying hazardous materials (HazMat) such as petroleum and flammable materials.

The kiosk combines technologies such as biometrics, CCTVs and voice-video communications to perform screening, halving the processing time from 20 to 10 minutes.

Prior to the kiosk, six officers were deployed on rotating shifts 24/7 to perform screening and verification. The reduction in manpower and resources required to run the HDVS will bring about significant cost savings of more than $1 million annually.This turn-key innovation project exemplifies some ways in which our team of dedicated engineers in CDPMC work together with our Ops users to develop technologies to resolve operations issues, boost productivity and streamline work processes.

The HDVS forms part of the SCDF Transformation Journey where projects involving automation, robotics and process innovation are introduced widely into the Force.

Currently, CDPMC is involved in a slew of projects ranging from command and control, frontline mobility, to CBRNE, early warning, training and immersive systems. Among these is the Home Team Operations Centre flagship project, where the CDPMC is pivotal in the development of proof of concept projects and the setup of a Contact Management Centre and Emergency Broadcast Centre.

The CDPMC is also involved in the development of the Smart Fire Station, a flagship programme applying cutting-edge technology to enhance the way fire stations operate. Incorporating mobility and connectivity tools, it aims to sharpen first responders’ decision-making and processes, eXponentially increasing the SCDF’s ability to process critical data.

While these projects are in different stages of development, the team remains committed to seeing them to fruition, with the aim of augmenting and enhancing the operational capability of the SCDF through innovation and technology.