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[FEATURED NEWS] HTX Associates’ Graduation 2023

Picture1-Prize GivingMeet the graduating class of 2021! (Photo: HTX)

The excitement of HTX’s Associates is palpable. After all, they have just concluded their Associates Programme, culminating in the creation of their own Greenfield projects!

Picture2-Intrigued AudienceHTX Senior Management, supervisors and colleagues cheering on HTX’s Associates! (Photo: HTX)

Making a difference

Picture3-Blood ClockClarice standing next to her aptly named project. Project Blood Clock may sound macabre, but it provides vital information to forensic scientists by accurately time-stamping blood stains! (Photo: HTX)

“Being able to accurately determine the time of a crime is crucial in forensic investigations as it narrows down the list of possible suspects. As blood is one of the most common pieces of evidence found at crime scenes, this project aims to quantify blood degradation on short time scales,” – Clarice Lee, Associate, Forensics Centre of Expertise (CoE).

Picture4-HarishTired of going all the way to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) building or a SingPost office to collect your passport? Harish’s project “TraceTransfer” facilitates the delivery of your passport straight to your doorstep! (Photo: HTX)

“Currently, home delivery of passports is an issue as it is difficult to ensure the safety and security of the document with it being handled by multiple personnel. TraceTransfer intends to record each person who has possession of the passport to improve accountability during the delivery process. My project is a prototype concept for a possible project that can be implemented by ICA to impact all Singaporeans and I find that quite meaningful,” – Nagarajan Harish, Associate, Immigration & Checkpoints Programme Management Centre.


Picture5-Sean STELERAt first glance, Sean’s robot “STELER” might remind you of Wall-E. While STELER looks like Wall-E, it functions as a search-and-recovery teleoperated robot. (Photo: HTX)

“The most meaningful aspect (of the Associates Programme) was the opportunity to collaborate with diverse individuals and learn from their perspectives, and the freedom to explore and make mistakes,” – Sean Lim, Associate, Robotics, Automation, and Unmanned Systems CoE.


Picture7-Natasha Lego
Natasha displaying an adorable Lego recreation of her project. Her project aims to develop the algorithm for sensors to search and accurately identify the source of HazMat gases. (Photo: HTX)

“I found the project to be intellectually stimulating as it provided me the unique opportunity to develop my own idea freely while still receiving guidance from my mentors and senior technical experts,” – Natasha Koh, Associate, CBRNE (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives) CoE.

Taking charge

Picture8-Wilson ExplainingWilson showcasing his project to intrigued judges. His project improves on visual analytics’ capabilities to identify specific objects from images/videos. (Photo: HTX)

“I got to take ownership of my own project, from pitching it to senior management, to building my AI module, and finally being given the opportunity to present my year-long work to Xponents during the showcase,” – Wilson Xu, Associate, Sense-Making and Surveillance CoE.

Picture9-MartynAfraid that your relatives might fall prey to scammers? Fret not, as Martyn’s anti-scam project is here to save the day! (Photo: HTX)

“What I enjoyed the most was having the autonomy to go and explore options on how to get my project off the ground. I was given the opportunity to explore many different options on how to tackle scammers,” – Martyn Wong, Associate, Q Team CoE.

Exploring alongside friends

Picture10-AG video
Associates Wilson and Yuan Ying created a heartwarming video documenting the Associates' journeys at HTX. Throughout the video, associates recount the interesting experiences and fun times they have shared with their batchmates. For example, Associates put each other’s (robotic) race cars to the test during the Deep Racer challenge! (Photo: HTX)

Picture11-DCEEchoing the video’s sentiments, Deputy Chief Executive (Development) Ng Yeow Boon reflected on the notion of graduation during his opening speech at the graduation ceremony. He noted that the Associates should not merely celebrate crossing this milestone, but also reflect on their journey with HTX and “carry on the friendships they have made here post-graduation.” (Photo: HTX)