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[FEATURED NEWS] What’s new from the Q Team?

HTX’s Q Team organised a Tech Showcase on 6 March 2024 to introduce its new technologies.

It was full house at Q Team’s Tech Showcase! DCE(D) Ng Yeow Boon kicked off the event with his opening address. (Photo: HTX)

HTX’s Q Team Centre of Expertise organised a Tech Showcase on 6 March 2024 to introduce the new technologies it has been developing to almost 100 colleagues from the Home Team departments and other government agencies as well as curious Xponents from other divisions in HTX.

The event kicked off with HTX Deputy Chief Executive (Development) Ng Yeow Boon’s opening address in which he lauded Q Team for its rapid prototyping capabilities. Noting that many of the attendees were hoping to collaborate with Q Team on existing challenges, DCE(D) Ng advised the attendees to take advantage of Q Team’s deep foresight and consider their solutions for issues they foresee may become significant.

Dr Ng Gee Wah introduced Q Team’s new and upgraded robots. (Photo: HTX)

Dr Ng Gee Wah, the Director of Q Team, next took the floor and explained to the assembled guests the technologies that they would get to see at the Tech Showcase. These ranged from solutions in physical space, such as small tactical robotics; to those in digital space, such as advanced Generative AI solutions; and solutions spanning both physical and digital space, such as new Internet-of-Things devices.

Dr Ng spotlighted the AI solutions on display, including the AI-enhanced video security system for marine vessels; AI-rtist, an AI sketch artist which can quickly draw images of suspects; Q-Distraction, an AI-driven solution which can detect when drivers are dangerously distracted and alert them and relevant personnel; and QCaption, an AI tool which can help Home Team officers annotate images and generate incident reports. The floor was then opened to the guests to explore the exhibits.

Q Team’s AI-rtist can rapidly generate sketches of suspects. (Photo: HTX)

Q Team engineer Sam Lum introduced the CyclonX and MicroX – smaller and more versatile cousins of the MiniX. (Photo: HTX)

Guests had the opportunity to try out Q Team’s new ball robot. (Video: HTX)

The roller-like ClimberX – whose legs are modelled after gecko’s feet – can climb up vertical surfaces like a lizard! (Photo: HTX)

The upgraded Q-Stick version 2 is now equipped with a fibrescope as well as an infrared camera. (Photo: HTX)



Great job! Q Team engineers celebrated the conclusion of a successful event! (Photos: HTX)

The Tech Showcase was a success, and Q Team has already received over 20 enquiries on possible collaborations, especially on AI-related projects!