The Intel Programme Management Centre (IPMC) aims to bring synergy in addressing the needs of the Intelligence fraternity within the Home Team. It collaborates closely with science and technology stakeholders to bring research and development to fruition in today’s rapidly-evolving Intelligence arena.

Areas of Expertise

IPMC’s expertise spans across three interrelated categories in enhancing and safeguarding data and systems:

  • Programme Management

Takes charge of projects, engages relevant stakeholders, delivers end-to-end system capabilities, and establishes a common mission-driven understanding of use cases that are relevant to Home Team Departments (HTDs).

  • Solutions

Assesses suitable technical solutions that address HTDs’ operational needs, with the aim of implementing these technologies with a good understanding of operational contexts, environments and desired outcomes.

  • Systems Management

Maintains and supports intelligence ICT systems to ensure that Home Team intelligence operations run smoothly and securely at all times, especially in emergencies.