The Intel Programme Management Centre (IPMC) works with the Intelligence fraternity within the Home Team to identify technological solutions for the rapidly-evolving threats facing Singapore.

Areas of Expertise

Our expertise spans the challenges of enhancing and safeguarding the Home Team’s data, systems, and capabilities: 

1. Intelligence Systems Division

We develop and support intelligence related programmes for the Home Team. We also deliver effective and secure technological solutions to the Home Team Departments to strengthen their capabilities in collecting, processing, analysing and disseminating intelligence. 

Our division has two branches: 

(a) Programmes Management 

Through effective assessment, planning, and management, we ensure the successful implementation of technological projects for the intelligence units of the Home Team. 

(b) Systems Management 

We ensure technological systems for Home Team intelligence operations run smoothly and securely at all times, especially during emergencies.

2. Intelligence Technology Division 

With our in-depth understanding of their operational requirements, we scout and implement cutting edge technological solutions to enhance the Home Team Departments’ operations.