Corrections & Narcotics

The Corrections & Narcotics Programme Management Centre (CNPMC) works closely with the Singapore Prison Service (SPS) and Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB), supporting their visions to be “Captains of Lives” and for “A Singapore Without Drugs, where everyone can work, live and play safely”.

CNPMC leverages science and technology to enforce the secure custody and rehabilitation of offenders, and to prevent the proliferation of drug-related activities.

Areas of Expertise

The centre’s project management expertise includes:

  • Command and control security systems
  • Data and video analytics
  • Robotics and automation
  • Large-scale sensor deployments
  • Cybersecurity implementation
  • Network infrastructure and applications development
  • Narcotics detection and forensic science

CNPMC helps to drive SPS’ and CNB’s transformation by delivering cutting-edge capabilities, as we continue to push the boundaries to eXponentially impact Singapore’s safety and security.


Human Behavioural Detection System (HBEDS)

HBEDS is part of the Prisons Without Guards strategy. HBEDS makes use of video analytics to help officers better monitor inmate activities in the prison cells. Developed in conjunction with HTX’s Sense-making and Surveillance Centre of Expertise, the technology facilitates early intervention by picking up patterns of abnormal behaviour in prison cells.

(Photos: SPS)

Digitalisation of Inmate Rehabilitation & Corrections Tool (DIRECT)

DIRECT consists of a suite of applications running on shared tablets issued to inmates to support their rehabilitation and self-directed learning. With DIRECT, inmates have access to resources such as e-letters, e-books and various rehabilitation programmes. The inmates can make use of the e-letter app to foster ties with their loved ones, while learning materials enable them to learn at their own pace and take greater ownership of their rehabilitation.

(Photo: SPS)

Next Generation Reporting Centre (NGRC)

The NGRC is a first-of-its-kind initiative that aims to automate the urine specimen procurement process using robotics. This makes the process more efficient, secure and reduces the biohazard risk faced by CNB officers.

(Photos: Ministry of Home Affairs)

Integrated Drug Enforcement Administrative System II (IDEAS II)

IDEAS II is CNB’s next generation unified investigation and case management system, which equips officers with mobility applications that expedite procedures like exhibit-tagging, and provides data analysis capability to enhance officers’ decision-making and situational awareness during operations.

(Photos: CNB)